Connect to kadmind and have a look into the database

Connect to kadmind and have a look into the database

MIT kerberos comes with 2 utilities for kerberos administration. One is called kadmin, the other one kadmin.local. With kadmin you have to authenticate to kerberos first, with kadmin.local, root on the machine where the kadmind is runnging is granted to change values in the database. This is needed for creating initial administartive accounts. We use kadmin.local now to spy into the database:
Authenticating as principal root/admin@REDFLO.DE with password.
kadmin.local:  ?
Available kadmin.local requests:

add_principal, addprinc, ank
                         Add principal
delete_principal, delprinc
                         Delete principal
modify_principal, modprinc
                         Modify principal
change_password, cpw     Change password
get_principal, getprinc  Get principal
list_principals, listprincs, get_principals, getprincs
                         List principals
add_policy, addpol       Add policy
modify_policy, modpol    Modify policy
delete_policy, delpol    Delete policy
get_policy, getpol       Get policy
list_policies, listpols, get_policies, getpols
                         List policies
get_privs, getprivs      Get privileges
ktadd, xst               Add entry(s) to a keytab
ktremove, ktrem          Remove entry(s) from a keytab
lock                     Lock database exclusively (use with extreme caution!)
unlock                   Release exclusive database lock
list_requests, lr, ?     List available requests.
quit, exit, q            Exit program.

You see: you don't need a password and you get a list of commands with "?". Let's see what principals we have:
kadmin.local:  list_principals

The first principal is the master database account. The kadmin/* principals are to authenticate the kadmind server. Remember the difference: we have 3 user principals for the user kadmin and one service principal for the service kadmin. The last principal is a "ticket granting ticket" principal. The instance name is the same as the realm name. We'll talk about that later (todo).

If you try to use kadmin instead of kadmin.local you'll get:
Authenticating as principal root/admin@REDFLO.DE with password.
kadmin: Client not found in Kerberos database while initializing kadmin interface

Why? Simple: We did not setup a user-account with "admin" instance and password.

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