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Suse 10.0 Tips

How to add mp3 or DVD support

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Postfix smtpd hanging

edit /etc/postfix/ and change the nuber of processes of smtpd from 2 to 100. Only Suse knows why they have only 2 processes defined.

grub_once or savedefault does not work

Very cool features in grub: grub_once let you specify the next system you want to boot if you reboot. With savedefault you can tell grub to boot linux after a reboot of windows and to boot windows after a reboot of linux. Very cool if you don't have physical access to the machine. But this does not work in suse 10.0! The problem is, that grub 0.96 has a bug and you have to install 0.97. You have to download 0.97, compile and install it, copy the stage files to /boot/grub, and use /usr/local/sbin/grub to recreate your boot record. Then it works!

How to use evms with suse

There are some problems:
  • yast does not offer evms support
  • the mkinitrd evms checks don't work

What i did (todo: needs verify, and add more detail):
  • Installed Suse using md device (raid1) for /, and lvm2 on a raid 1 md for others. Grub does not yet support booting from lvm2 volumes.
  • used the evmsgui to activate the / device foe evms (compatibility devices) and converted other to evms native device.
  • Changed /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst to respect the changes
  • Hacked mkinitrd to support evms
  • Executed mkinitrd
  • Reboot

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