Linux on Dell E6530


Its a Dell Latitude E6530 with a full HD screen and a additional NVidia graphics card.

OpenSuse 12.1

Basic Installation

I downloaded the netinstall iso and put it on a usb stick (using Suses imagewriter). At the first install try, screen started to flicker and i switched off and on again. After some tries i had success to get to the install screnn after switching off Optimus in BIOS and using the text mode installer (F3 at boot menu).
During installation the installer stalled 2 times: installing the kernel and installing the bootsplash. Each time the command "modprobe nouveau" hanged. So i switched to konsole 2 (CTRL-ALT-F2) and killed modprobe.
The same occured while configuring the bootmanager.

Update to 12.2

Since some Hardware did not work, i upgraded to OpenSUSE 12.2 at the time it was released. Upgrade worked well - but i did not try a fresh install.

But now bluetooth works!

Works / doesnt work

  • Bluetooth
  • WLAN/Wifi
  • Ethernet
  • Docking station
  • card reader

doesnt Work at the moment:
  • Optimus - the fonts are somehow mirrored in KDE4 if i enable Optimus in Bios and running bumblebee. I think there is a problem with the intel hd module and openGL. But it works in more basic Windowmanagers like icewm.
  • The touchpad is detected as PS2 mouse and therefore i cannot try to configure gestures, but it works.

to be continued ....

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